Free English classes content with Trinity College London trainee teachers

Yes, you read that right: THESE CLASSES ARE COMPLETELY FREE.

At EBC, we are here to help you conquer English once and for all. Discover all we have to offer and put your English skills to the test today!

Free English Classes Online
Free English Classes Online
Free English Classes Online

Free English Classes Content

What is the content of EBC’s free English language classes?

The content of EBC’s free English language classes ensures comprehensive language learning. Here is a description of the typical content and stages of such a lesson:

Warm-up and Introduction

Objective: To engage and activate prior knowledge.


  1. A brief conversation or discussion related to the day’s topic.
  2. Ice-breaker activity or a simple game to create a comfortable learning environment.


Objective: To introduce new language concepts.


  1. Vocabulary: Introduction of new words, phrases, and expressions relevant to the lesson’s theme.
  2. Grammar: Explanation of a specific grammar point (e.g., past tense, future perfect, modal verbs).
  3. Pronunciation: Focus on sounds, stress patterns, intonation, and phonetics.


  1. Visual aids (flashcards, pictures, videos).
  2. Written explanations on the virtual whiteboard.
  3. Examples and model sentences.


Objective: To allow the use of the new language in a controlled setting.

Controlled Practice:

  1. Fill-in-the-blank exercises.
  2. Matching activities.
  3. Multiple-choice questions.

Guided Practice:

  1. Sentence transformation exercises.
  2. Structured dialogues or role-plays.
  3. Writing short sentences or paragraphs using new vocabulary and grammar.


  1. Group or pair work.
  2. Interactive activities using digital tools.


Objective: To allow the use of language more freely and creatively.

Speaking activities:

  1. Role-plays or simulations.
  2. Group discussions or debates.
  3. Presentations or storytelling.

Writing activities:

  1. Writing emails or letters.
  2. Creative writing tasks like stories or poems.

Focus: Fluency, spontaneous use of language, and communication.

Feedback and Correction

Objective: To provide constructive feedback on performance.


  1. Immediate error correction during activities.
  2. Delayed error correction after activities.
  3. Peer feedback and self-assessment.


  1. Highlighting common errors and providing correct forms.
  2. Encouraging self-correction.
  3. Positive reinforcement and suggestions for improvement.


Objective: To reinforce what has been learned and encourage further practice.


  1. A quick review of the lesson’s key points.
  2. Answer any remaining questions.

Cool Down

Objective: To conclude the lesson on a positive note.


  1. A short game or activity that revisits the lesson’s content.
  2. A song or chant related to the lesson’s theme.
  3. A brief conversation or reflection on what was learned.

What lesson topics may be used in EBC’s free English language classes?

Here is a list of lesson topics that may be used in our free English classes.

  • A country of your choice + simple past
  • At home
  • At the airport
  • At the hospital, ailments and illnesses
  • At the pub or bar + slang + polite requests
  • At work, in the office
  • Body parts
  • Careers
  • Clothes and colours
  • Crime + word order
  • Describing people + questions, negative references
  • Films and genres
  • Finding a job + cover letter
  • Friends, friendship + giving advice
  • Getting around in the city
  • Going on a trip or holiday
  • Going to a country of your choice
  • Going to the bank
  • Going to the beach
  • Going to the hospital
  • Going to the restaurant
  • Going to the zoo + there is, are
  • Groceries, making a receipt + quantities
  • Habits, daily activities and routines
  • Household items + prepositions of location
  • Household work
  • If I were … (2nd conditional)
  • In the classroom
  • In the garden
  • International food, spices, flavours, tastes
  • Introductions and nationalities
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Literature + past tenses
  • Local family traditions + idioms
  • Local public holidays
  • Meals, dishes, food, drinks
  • Moving to a new flat, apartment, house + 1st conditional
  • Music, instruments, genres
  • My car (the infinitive of purpose)
  • My neighbourhood
  • National identity
  • Packing a suitcase
  • Photographs + 1st conditional with “unless”
  • School system and university life
  • Seasons and months
  • Sightseeing + prepositional phrases
  • Smoking + verbs and prepositions
  • Songs and music + the articles
  • Sports + used to
  • The weather
  • The year, dates, times
  • Travelling by trains and buses
  • Vehicles
  • Visiting the doctor
  • Weekend activities + past simple
  • What is in your bag or purse? (possessive pronouns)
  • Your family